FKSP vaccination allowance

Use your FKSP contribution for vaccinations

Your employer now offers you the possibility of drawing on the so-called. cultural and social needs fund and you have the opportunity to do something for your health.

What is FKSP?

The acronym FKSP stands for the Cultural and Social Needs Fund. All state and contributory organisations have this at their disposal and use it for the benefit of their employees. You can now use it in our Vaccination category and protect both yourself and your loved ones.


Please check with your employer to see how much of our vaccinations are available through the Cultural and Social Needs Fund. Then call us on +420 777 763 155 or email us at sestraccm@prophylaxis.czstating the amount to be spent, a list of the vaccinations selected and, where applicable, the billing details required by your employer.


You simply hand over the invoice we prepare to your employer. As soon as the invoice is paid, we will make an appointment for you and then you just need to come at the agreed time and get vaccinated without waiting. If more than one employee from your organisation would like to be vaccinated, we can arrange directly with your employer to issue a summary invoice.