Our services including vaccination

Vaccination before traveling abroad

  • Diagnostic, medical and preventive care for travellers to all the countries of the world
  • Assessment of health competence and health risks before travelling.
  • Individual advices and information on traveller´s health protection.
  • Preparation of leaflets, instructions and brochures on health protection for travellers, taking into consideration a specific area or country.
  • Medical examinations before vaccination.
  • Issue of a certificate on vaccination counter-indication.
  • Recommendation of protection against malaria, including chemo-prophylaxis, and possible emergency self-treatment.
  • Recommendation of chemo-prophylaxis against other infectious diseases.
  • Recommendation of suitable insecticides, repellents and mosquito curtains.
  • Recommendation of suitable travelling first-aid kit for a specific area, respectively countries, in consideration of the duration of the stay, local risks, climatic conditions and number of users.
  • Other services and information on travelling abroad.
  • Examination of health condition after one´s return, with specialisation in imported diseases and other health damages.

National vaccinations

  • Vaccination of individuals and work teams against hepatitis A and B, tick-borne encephalitis, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, influenza, pneumococcal infection and pre-exposition vaccination against madness.

Vaccination for company clients

  • Instructions for companies and travel agencies, groups of short-term travellers on health protection before travelling abroad.
  • Long-term contractual co-operation and development of the project of health background arrangement.
  • Other services and information on travelling abroad.