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Are you going on a trip abroad? We can help you choose the right vaccine and vaccinations.

While the world is slowly loosening travel restrictions and life is returning to a semblance of normalcy, online casino players are taking no chances when it comes to their health and safety. Eager to embark on exciting gambling adventures in different parts of the world, these enthusiastic gamblers make sure they are fully vaccinated before they travel. By taking this responsible approach, they are not only protecting their own well-being, but also contributing to the overall effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. By preferring to be vaccinated, online casino players are demonstrating their commitment to both enjoying their favourite online casino experience and protecting public health. The allure of discovering new destinations and experiencing diverse cultures is now coupled with a sense of social responsibility.


The Travel Medicine Centre not only provides the necessary vaccinations and medical services for travellers who like to play in casinos, but also offers important recommendations on preventive measures when visiting various destinations, including those where infectious diseases are present. A virtual world of entertainment awaits Czech online casino enthusiasts with a passion for gaming at their fingertips. The online casino industry in the Czech Republic ,, has seen tremendous growth and provides a diverse range of gaming platforms to suit every player’s preferences. These virtual casinos offer a wide range of games, from classic slots to exciting poker tournaments, and provide an exciting gaming experience without leaving your home. Thanks to strict regulations and licensing measures, players can enjoy their favourite games with peace of mind knowing that reputable online casinos prioritise honesty and safety. The allure of jackpots, bonuses and interactive gameplay continues to captivate Czech players, making online casinos a popular pastime and a vibrant part of the Czech digital entertainment scene.

Advice and consultation in the areas of vaccination. Vaccination with all available vaccines.


Vaccination of employees in high-risk positions and travelling abroad.

On-line sales of antigen tests and protective equipment

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Doctor Jan Rutsch advises what to protect yourself from when travelling

It’s always nice when you interview a person, especially a doctor, who doesn’t hide behind platitudes and isn’t afraid to say what they think. “Whoever does not get vaccinated before going to the equator is not an adventurer, but a fool,” says travel medicine expert MUDr. Jan Rutsch adds: “I recommend the hepatitis vaccination to all those who take the train from Prague to Cologne and have a roast in the station.”

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Vaccination before travel helps protect not only the individual but also the communities they visit. It prevents the spread of diseases that may be prevalent in one region but not in another, thus protecting vulnerable populations. In addition, some countries require proof of certain vaccinations before granting entry, ensuring the safety of their citizens and visitors. On the other hand, playing online casinos can be a safe and enjoyable way to spend time. Unlike traditional physical casinos, online casinos offer convenience and accessibility without the need to physically visit the casino. With advances in technology, online casinos provide a safe and regulated environment for players to enjoy their favourite games.
How can I make an appointment for a vaccination?

You can make an appointment by phone at +420 777 763 155 or by phone at +420 777 763 155. +420 222 094 121 during working hours (preferably before 4 p.m.) or by e-mail or via the electronic form which you can find here on our website.

What do I need to bring with me?
Bring your insurance card, vaccination card, recent tetanus vaccination, polio vaccination certificate for children, and the necessary cash or credit card to pay for the vaccination according to the current price list. We have most of the vaccines in stock.
How can I pay for the vaccination?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro. We also accept Sodexo,EDENRED, Up and Benefits vouchers. FKSP drawdown can also be applied.

How to prepare before the trip?

We have written some advice here in the article General recommendations before travelling.

How much will the vaccination cost?

The price of vaccines varies, here you can find current price list.

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