Libuše Banďouchová, MUDr.

Born 1950 in Prague.

Graduate of the Faculty of Paediatrics, Charles University in Prague, graduation in r. 1974. Postgraduate education: first degree attestation in paediatric medicine and specialisation attestation II. degrees in communicable and tropical diseases.

Experience: 22 years of work at the Clinic of Infectious Diseases at the Bulovka University Hospital in inpatient wards, in the outpatient department for investigation and treatment of parasitic diseases and in the outpatient department for vaccination risks in adult patients. In the Centre of Travel Medicine since r. 2000.


Veronika Jegorova , MUDr.

Born in 1992 in Pardubice.

Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Hradec Králové, graduation 2017.

Practice in the outpatient and inpatient parts of the Infectious Diseases Department of PKN and in the PKN Travel Medicine and Vaccination Centre.

Interested mainly in tropical and travel medicine, providing health care. caring for patients in poor and remote areas of the world, getting to know and learning to understand different cultures. Work experience in Africa, Asia and the Middle East (e.g. Tunisia, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, South Korea). Long-term work placement in India. At the Travel Medicine Centre from 2022.


Kateřina Jesenská , MUDr.

Born in 1992 in Prague.

Graduate 2. Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, where she graduated in 2018.

Five years of experience in the outpatient and inpatient part of the children’s ward at Hořovice Hospital, now Bulovka Hospital. Work at the Mánes Spa Hospital in Karlovy Vary – paediatrician at a specialised unit for children with diabetes 1. type. A foreign internship under the auspices of the humanitarian organization ADRA in a health centre in Itibo in the southwestern part of Kenya – providing a wide range of medical care in a very poor area of Africa. Travelling on your own – Taiwan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Canada.

At the Center for Travel Medicine since 2023.


Radka Čejková, nurse

Born in 1975, registered nurse since 1993. Postgraduate education: certificate to practice the health profession without professional supervision in the field of general nursing.

Work experience: at the FN Na Bulovce in inpatient surgery, Poliklinika Kartouzká, in a private gynaecological practice, AURA Medical Clinic and Panacea Hair Clinic in Prague 3 as head nurse, Be Elite Clinic in Prague 1 as Medical Manager.


Jan Rutsch, MUDr.

Born 1949 in Karlovy Vary. A graduate of the Secondary Medical School in Prague 10, a graduate of III. Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, graduation 1978. Experience in the Hygiene Service, Rescue Service, Institute of Tropical Medicine ILF Prague and in the inpatient ward. and an outpatient clinic for foreign workers of the Department of Geographical Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the National Hospital of the Czech Republic. Repeated long-term work stays in Peru, Egypt, India, Sudan. Short-term stays abroad and expeditions in many countries of the world. In the Centre of Travel Medicine since r. 1997. Specialist certification in Internal Medicine and Medical Parasitology. The doctor has sadly left us, he lives on in our memories.


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