Varilrix chickenpox vaccine for children from 9 months of age, persons in close contact with patients at risk. The vaccine is injected into the upper arm.

Vaccination scheme

2 doses are administered at least 6 weeks apart.

When is it necessary to postpone vaccination?

You must not be acutely ill at the time of vaccination, physical exertion, visiting the sauna, solarium, or large consumption of alcoholic beverages is not recommended on the day of application. The interval between the previous and next vaccination must be at least 4 weeks. You must not take antibiotics at the time of vaccination.

Most commonly reported side effects

Pain at the injection site, mild fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, indigestion, weakness.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding

A vaccinated woman must not be pregnant or become pregnant for at least 1 month after the vaccination. No data are available on vaccination of breastfeeding women.

All information given here is for information purposes only. The choice of vaccine or vaccination schedule is always up to the doctor after a personal consultation at the vaccination centre.

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