Avaxim 160 U

Vaccine against hepatitis A designed for persons above 16 years of age. The vaccine is applied to the upper part of an arm.

Vaccination scheme

Vaccination is performed by two doses in the following time interval: the first dose is applied on the selected day, the second dose is applied in 6 up to 12 months.

No re-vaccination was specified.

When it is necessary to postpone vaccination?

You mustn´t suffer from any acute disease at the time of vaccination. On the day of application it is recommended to avoid any strains, sauna or excessive alcohol drinking. At least 2 weeks must have elapsed from / to the next vaccination. You mustn´t take antibiotics at the time of vaccination.

Most frequently reported undesirable effects

Pains in the point of vaccination, sub-febrile, headaches, aches of muscles and joints, indigestion, weakness.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding

Due to preventive reasons it is not recommended to administrate the vaccine to pregnant women, except for cases of high risks of infection. The vaccine may be administrated to breastfeeding women.


All the data stated herein are of informative character only. The doctor always selects the vaccine or vaccination scheme based on personal consultation in the vaccination centre.