FKSP can finally be used!


Are you a teacher, healthcare professional or civil servant and would you like your employer to contribute to your vaccination? It’s easier than you think. Use the FKSP or the Fund for Cultural and Social Needs, most likely set up by your employer, and have us issue an invoice that your employer will pay you.
The FKSP fund is a fund set up by employers who belong, among other things, to an organizational unit of the state or are a contributory organization. These are, for example, kindergartens or primary schools, ministries, hospitals, etc. The purpose of the FKSP is to provide contributions – benefits, for example, to vaccinate a given employee and his family members.


Please check with your employer if and to what extent it is possible to draw our vaccinations through the Fund for Cultural and Social Needs. Then write us an email to, which will state the amount to be used up, a list of selected vaccinations and any billing information required by your employer. You simply pass the invoice that we prepare to you to your employer. Once the invoice has been paid, we will set an appointment with you and then all you have to do is come at the agreed time and get vaccinated without waiting. In case employees from your organization would like to be vaccinated, we can arrange it directly with your employer and issue summary invoices.