Current incidence of the disease clearly and mandatory vaccination by country 14 February 2022

14. 2. 2022

Côte d’Ivoire
Yellow fever: Since mid-August last year, 18 suspected cases have been reported, 7 of
which have been confirmed. A valid yellow fever vaccination is mandatory and
recommended for all travelers from the age of 9 months. last updated: 01/21/2022

Dengue: In the capital New Delhi, 15 people fell ill in the first 2 weeks of January, last year
there were around 9,615, more than 6,700 of them in November alone. 23 people have died.
According to media reports, more than 2,550 cases and 11 deaths were registered in the
state of Maharashtra (W) by the beginning of August. Nationwide, 123,106 infections and 90
deaths had been recorded by the end of October, most in the state of Kerala. In 2020,
39,419 cases were reported, 56 people died. In 2019, 157,315 cases and 166 deaths were
recorded. Pay attention to protection against diurnal vector mosquitoes (Aedes species). last
updated: 01/21/2022

Dengue: More than 1,220 infections and 21 deaths have been reported in East Java
Province (Java Island) since the beginning of the year. Pay attention to protection against
the predominantly diurnal vector mosquitoes. last updated: 04.02.2022
Dengue: Around 800 suspected cases have been recorded since the beginning of the year.
In 2021, around 36,750 suspected cases were registered, and 39 people died. In 2020,
around 120,240 diseases were reported, 24,224 of which were confirmed. 79 people have
died. In 2019, 268,458 cases were reported. 191 people have died. Pay attention to
protection against mainly diurnal mosquitoes. last updated: 01.02.2022

Intestinal infections: risk of diarrheal diseases nationwide. Sporadic outbreaks of cholera are
to be expected. Typhus occurs in the form of individual or group diseases. At the beginning
of January there was a typhus outbreak in the province of Cotabato (island of Mindanao)
affecting around 30 people. An increase in diarrheal diseases is expected as a result of
typhoon “Rai”, which caused flooding and devastation particularly on the islands of Siargao,
Cebu, Palawan and Bohol in mid-December. Pay attention to hygiene, if necessary typhoid
vaccination. last updated: 07.01.2022

Dengue: In January, 64 infections were already registered in the city of Zamboanga. A
7-year-old boy has died. Approximately 66,655 cases were reported last year, and 237
people died. As a result of Typhoon Rai, a further increase in the number of cases cannot be
ruled out. Pay
attention to protection against mainly diurnal mosquitoes. last updated: 01/28/2022
Philippines Rabies: In Iloilo Province (Western Visayas region), the number of deaths in
2021 tripled compared to the previous year. A total of 12 cases were registered. Despite the
nationwide decline since 2015, the number of cases is still very high. Rabies should always
be part of the Travel Medicine Risk Board, even given the lack of a suitable vaccine and
immunoglobulin. The indication for prophylactic vaccination is correspondingly broad. Last
update: 14.01.2022

Dengue: The number of newly infected is rising again. As of December 27, 2021, 69
infections have been reported. Due to the current weather conditions with heat and rain, I
expect another number of cases. Since the beginning of last year, around 30,000 infections
and 23 deaths have been registered. In 2020, more than 16,100 infected and 22 deaths
were reported. The west and south coasts of the island were particularly affected. Pay
attention to protection against daily mosquito repellents. Last update: 04.02.2022

Sri Lanka
Dengue: A mosquito-like virus transmitted by mosquitoes occurs regularly in Sri Lanka. The
risk of transmission is to be expected throughout the country, especially during and after the
rainy season. More than 8,000 people have fallen ill since the beginning of the year. About
35,055 cases were reported last year. 10 people died. The number of cases has increased
since November. The western province with the city of Colombo is particularly affected.
According to press reports, many children also fell ill. In 2020, about 31,140 people fell ill
and 35 died. Most infections were registered in Colombo (W), Trincomalee (NO) and Jaffna
(N) districts. The number of cases was particularly high in 2017. According to press reports,
this was the largest outbreak ever recorded. Approximately 186,100 diseases were reported
and approximately 395 people died. Pay attention to protection against mostly daily
mosquito carriers. last update: 08.02.2022

South Africa
Rabies: A 4-year-old child died in January after a dog bite in the Eastern Cape. Last year, 19
cases were recorded, 9 from the Eastern Cape, 6 from KwaZulu-Natal and 4 from Limpopo.
Most children became infected by contact with dogs or cats. In 2020, 6 infections were
confirmed in KwaZulu-Natal province and 2 in Limpopo province. There were also 3 other
suspected cases, one each in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo provinces. In
2019, 10 cases were confirmed, 4 each in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces
and 2 in the Limpopo province. Another 6 cases were suspected. The most common source
of infection is dog bites. If you come into contact with this, consult a doctor immediately; in
case of foreseeable risk and longer stay, preventive vaccination is recommended. last
update: 04.02.2022

Dengue: Since the beginning of the year, about 1,360 people have fallen ill and 25 have
died. Children and young people under the age of 14 are most affected. Most cases were
registered in Dili. Around 900 cases with 9 deaths were reported in the previous year. Pay
attention to protection against mostly daily mosquito carriers. last update: 08.02.2022

Hepatitis A: Outbreak of guests at an Italian restaurant in County Montgomery
(Pensylvárzeno ledzana pot. 10 people were ill, 2 died. Since December last year, the
number of cases in Roanoke, Virginia, has risen to 20. The infection is unrelated to an
epidemic at the end of September 2021, when 49 people fell ill and 4 died. There has been
an increase in human-to-human outbreaks since 2016. Mainly homeless and addicted
people are affected, with 43,681 infections and 423 deaths reported in 37 states. Ohio,
Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Indiana.